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EventDeck Ice™

Ice Arena Flooring

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Convert an ice arena into a multipurpose floor quickly and economically with EventDeck Ice.

EventDeck Ice (EDIce) is the premier temporary flooring solution for converting an ice arena into a multi-use facility. Imagine turning your ice arena floor into a trade show floor, concert floor or other special-event floor quickly and economically without melting or damaging the ice floor.

EDIce can also be used as tent and utility flooring in cold environments -- such as over snow.

We have modified the proven technology of the original EventDeck and made the new EDIce larger and more rugged -- durable enough to withstand tremendous weights, including forklifts, staging, seating and other equipment.

The smooth top surface is designed to prevent liquid and debris from flowing onto the ice and provides a perfect floor or sub-floor for any type of event.

Each EDIce module is 24" x 12" x 1-1/4" and made up of two separate top and bottom pieces that attach with screws. The separate pieces allow a small amount of air to flow inside the module -- acting as an insulator to keep the module warm and reduces condensation. The bottom piece serves to prevent rutting in the ice and provides traction to prevent slippage.

Modules snap together easily and quickly on all sides using our uniquely engineered intermodule connection system to form a rigid and seamless protective floor for people, vehicles and equipment.

EDIce ships in 3' x 4' sheets for a quicker install. Installation is quick and simple and does not require trained personnel, special tools or even an instruction manual. A full-size ice arena can be installed in 2-3 hours using 8-10 workers.

This product's superior engineering puts it at the forefront of quality, performance, ease of installation and affordability.


EventDeck Ice Installation Times

Area (sq/ft)

Time to Install


15 minutes - 1 person
2,400 1 hour - 2 people
10,000 3 hours - 4 people
8 hours - 14 people


Unique and simple connection system makes installation simple and quick

Rugged enough to support staging, vehicles and equipment

Turn an ice floor into a concert stage and seating and back again in the same day

Cutaway shot of EDIce module. Channel system underneath top piece allows air to flow through for insulation

Bottom piece is specially designed to prevent the ice from melting and slippage

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