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Interlocking Modular Garage Flooring

Design and install a spectacular showroom-quality garage floor quickly and economically.

AutoDeck is a modular tile system that allows anyone to design and install a temporary or permanent showroom-quality floor quickly and economically. The AutoDeck modular tile system is ideal for garages, workshops, auto shows, trade show displays, basements, retail showrooms, airplane hangars...virtually anywhere that requires a polished showroom look. The 1ft x 1ft rugged tiles can support cars, trucks and other equipment, and are simple to install without tools.

Interlocking Modular Flooring Tiles

AutoDeck (AD) is a rugged 1ft x 1ft square modular flooring tile that snaps together to create a spectacular-looking, raised, dry, non-slip floor for a variety of applications.

AutoDeck does not need to be refinished and requires virtually no maintenance. Tiles are made of a lightweight, yet durable and high-impact polypropylene co-polymer that is shock absorbent - reducing stress on the body. AD tiles are resistant to sunlight, and chemicals including oil, grease, and brake fluids.

AutoDeck's specially-engineered underside with 450 gusseted legs with our proprietary "Roman Arch" support pegs makes our tile amongst the strongest in the industry - able to support rolling loads up to 20,000 pounds sq/ft. The underside channels allow liquids to flow freely underneath and out from under the floor.

AutoDeck tiles connect with a simple pressure tab-and-loop system. Each tile contains 14 interlocking tabs, more than any other tile, for a super-secure connection and a uniform and nearly-seamless floor. Complete the floor with our edging and corner pieces to close the open connectors and provide a smooth transition to the floor, eliminating the tripping hazard.

AutoDeck is available in 4 different versions: a raised diamond-plate tile, an open tile, a smooth tile and a simulated wood vinyl tile. Each version is available in several colors and are interchangeable with other versions (Note: AD4 is not interchangeable with other versions), allowing for a nearly endless array of patterns and color combinations.

AutoDeck is simple to clean and maintain with a hose, mop or vacuum cleaner.

Choose from 14 different colors and 4 different surfaces. Mix and match colors and textures to create a truly dramatic floor.

AutoDeck is available in 14 colors:

Red Orange Yellow Green
Light Blue Dark Blue Burgundy Beige
Brown Silver Black White
Grey Dark Grey    

Choose the AutoDeck tile(s) best suited for your needs:

  • AD5 - Diamond Plate Tile
  • AD1 - Open Tile
  • AD2 - Smooth Tile
  • AD4 - Simulated Wood Vinyl Tile


Create a spectacular, showroom-quality floor for displays and shows easily with AutoDeck portable tiles.

AutoDeck is the official garage floor for Ferrari Risi Competizione.

AutoDeck is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Simple male-female snap connection system allows for rapid installation without tools.

Channels underneath the tile provide drainage and stability on uneven surfaces.

AutoDeck 5 (AD5) - Diamond-Plate Tile
AD5 is our best-selling AutoDeck tile. AD5 is ideal for refinishing a garage floor, creating a portable, showroom-quality floor at auto shows and trade shows. The raised diamond-plate ridge design provides traction for vehicles and a sure-footing for people. AD5's rugged look and texture provide dimension to the floor and adds a professional-racing edge.

Use AD5 to renovate a garage quickly and affordably. Transform an ordinary garage floor with oil spills, paint splatters, cracks and stains into a spectacular showroom for your cars, motorcycles and equipment. Use a variety of AutoDeck tiles to visually separate areas of the garage by using different colors, patterns and textures. Create a work or hobby area, an area for laundry and another for cars and motorbikes. AutoDeck is available in 14 colors.

Install an AutoDeck floor in a typical double-bay garage in just a few hours with a few helpers. Superior to paint and epoxy floors, AutoDeck installs without dangerous fumes, glues or mess. There is no preparation required to the original floor aside from sweeping and drying off spills or stains. The lightweight tiles simply snap together - no tools or even an instruction manual are required. Create a permanent or temporary floor. Change colors, patterns and looks according to need or desire. If a tile gets somehow damaged or cracked, simply remove the individual one-square-foot tile and replace quickly with a new one.

People often complain about standing or working on ice cold garage floors, especially during the winter. AutoDeck provides a covering to the concrete providing a layer of insulation and warmth to garages. The polypropylene tile is shock absorbent - reducing stress on the body.

Use AutoDeck to transform any ordinary dingy garage into a showroom that is clean, polished and inviting.

AD5 diamond-plate tile has a raised ridge to provide traction and to add a dimensional look to floors.


A lightweight plastic floor with a heavy metal look and performance!

AutoDeck 1 (AD1) - Open Tile

AutoDeck's most versatile tile that is designed for wet areas. AD1 incorporates hundreds of triangular drainage holes and an anti-slip surface. Water flows through the drainage holes and underneath the floor. Textured ridges on the tile surface provide traction to prevent slipping. AD1 is ideal for garage flooring as well as locker rooms, showers, decks and utility applications.

AutoDeck 2 (AD2) - Smooth Tile

For applications where a smooth, uniform surface is required - AutoDeck 2 is the solution. AD2 provides a sleek and polished look with minimal effort and cost. AutoDeck tiles will not warp, rot or crack. AD2 is ideal for garages, showrooms, auto shows, trade shows, and retail display flooring.

AutoDeck 4 (AD4) - Simulated Wood Vinyl Tile
AD4 uses a vinyl no-wax tile that has the look and feel of real wood but without the maintenance or cost. It is lightweight and simple to clean. Choose AutoDeck 4 tiles to create add warmth and elegance to a garage, auto show, trade show or retail showroom. AD4 is available in four colors: dark wood, light wood, black and white.
Note: AD4 is not interchangeable with other versions.

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