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DuraDeck portabled roadways

Protective Matting Systems - Portable Access Roadway & Temporary Flooring

Create a semi-permanent portable roadway and working platform for vehicles and equipment up to 80 tons with DuraDeck ground protection and access mats.

A superior alternative to plywood - which cracks, splinters, warps and gets waterlogged - DuraDeck is flexible to allow it to follow the contours of the ground without cracking or breaking and is durable enough to last through hundreds of uses. Built to withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures, DuraDeck can be used in nearly any weather conditions over virtually any terrain.

DuraDeck 1/2” thick recycled polyethylene plastic mats feature a variety of surface textures to suit your application and are extremely durable, weather-proof, and UV-resistant. Available in black or beige, standard mats measure 4’ x 8’, but other sizes are available, depending on your application.

Simple to Transport, Use & Install
Simply lay the sections and lock into place with the
DuraLink™ connection system. Sections can be connected side-to-side and end-to-end enabling you to create a continuous roadway or platform of nearly any size. Mats stack neatly and fit in the back of a pick-up truck. Move mats with the DuraHook™ tool or with ropes.

DuraDeck Product Guide

Side 1
Side 2
DD1 Rugged Rugged
DD2 Pedestrian Rugged
DD3 Pedestrian Smooth
DD4 Rugged Smooth

Create instant portable pathways for heavy-duty vehicles up to 80 tons

Crane on DuraDeck

Protect ground from damage done by equipment and utility vehicles

DuraDeck1 (DD1)
Double-sided Rugged Traction Surface:

DD1 is the ideal solution for creating a protective temporary roadway over several types of terrain and surfaces. Protect lawns and landscaped areas and provide traction for vehicles operating in mud, sand and soft terrain.

DD1 has a rugged-traction design on both sides that is slip-resistant and provides maximum traction.

Uses & Applications

Use DuraDeck1 to protect valuable turf and landscaping from damage caused by construction, equipment and utility vehicles. DD1 can also be used to provide a platform for vehicles to drive over muddy, sandy or soft terrain.

  • Landscaping companies
  • Disaster relief efforts
  • Drilling contractors
  • Event companies
  • Contractors
  • Construction companies
  • Stadiums
  • Parks
  • Staging companies
  • Utilities
  • Oil exploration
  • Road construction companies
  • Military units
  • Modular office trailers
    and mobile homes
  • Structural Movers

DuraDeck 1 Benefits:

  • Minimizes turf damage by vehicles and equipment
  • Long-lasting
  • Durable - can withstand weights up to 80 tons
  • Less expensive than fiberglass and more cost-effective than plywood
Side 1 -
Rugged Cleat
Side 2 -
Rugged Cleat

DuraDeck is versatile and can
be used for hundreds of applications.

DuraDeck2 (DD2)
Rugged Traction Surface & Pedestrian Friendly Surface:

DD2 shares all of the features of DD1 but offers a more attractive and pedestrian-friendly surface. It is the ideal solution for creating a pedestrian walkway, construction site, pathways, concerts, vehicle parking area and staging area for supplies and equipment.

DD2 has a pedestrian-friendly design on one side - assuring safe foot traffic and providing an ideal platform for working personnel and crews. Use DD2 to create an instant, temporary walkway over virtually any type of terrain.

The DD2 pedestrian-friendly surface is also perfect for protection of concrete, asphalt, stone or aggregate surfaces, where the rugged pattern may be too aggressive and could potentially cause damage. The pedestrian-friendly design may be placed face down on such surfaces to provide protection.

DD2's second side has the same rugged-traction cleat pattern as DD1, allowing DD2 to be used for trucks, vehicles and equipment when flipped over. This is our most versatile DuraDeck mat - as it can be used for vehicles and pedestrians.


Side 1 -
Pedestrian Cleat
Side 2 -
Rugged Cleat

DuraDeck mats in use at the 2009 Presidential Election

DuraDeck3 (DD3)
Pedestrian Friendly Surface / Smooth Surface
DuraDeck4 (DD4)
Rugged Traction Surface / Smooth Surface

DuraDeck3 and 4 were designed with muddy terrain in mind. The smooth underside won't get stuck in mud as it dries, and is easily hosed off when dismantled.

Choose DD3 with the pedestrian friendly surface for outdoor special events and walkways where muddy conditions are expected. The slightly raised pattern is comfortable to walk and stand on, but provides safety and traction.

Choose DD4 for construction sites or concert load-in areas where trucks and heavy equipment can roll easily over the rugged cleat top-surface.


Integrated Connection System

Connect mats with DuraLink connection system. DuraLinks keep mats securely connected - single links connect two mats end-to-end; double links connect four mats to create a wider platform.

DuraDeck vs. Plywood

Absorbs water
Can splinter
Can rot
Can be eaten by termites
Warps when wet
May contain arsenic
Contains recycled material
Solid, uniform construction
Treated traction surface
Integrated connection system
Withstands heavy repeated use
Gets heavier when wet
Loses Strength when wet

DuraDeck is clearly the preferred choice over plywood and will save you money and headache over the long term.

What our customers are saying:

"I love working with DuraDeck As the Prime Contractor for Angola LNG, Bechtel needed early access to the Project site to establish the temporary infrastructure necessary to support initial construction activities, as well as permanent plant construction. The DuraDeck material is easily installed and provided viable access for the Project’s initial heavy equipment including cranes, tracked piling rigs, off-road earthmovers, 40’ tractor-trailer rigs, and many other typical heavy construction equipment. I would recommend Duradeck for anyone needing a quick, durable, reusable and multi-use matting material for roadways, lay down areas and other uses.”

- Mark Benge
Bechtel Field Engineering Manager


"I love working with DuraDeck mats! The double traction design keeps even my biggest tree spade moving over soft ground. I keep my customers happy by keeping their expensive lawns in good condition. There's no rutting or vehicle damage, even with tremendous weights. I would recommend DuraDeck over anything else I have seen or worked with "

- Scott Chronis
Scott Chronis Landscaping and Design
Southampton, N.Y.


"The DuraDeck mats have provided an excellent protective work surface for all of the heavy scaffolding and construction traffic that was used during the execution of the work. In matter of fact, DuraDeck mats have proven to be so successful, other subcontractors involved in the project have inquired about rental or purchase of the 'DuraDeck System' for their future needs."

- Mark Davenport
MariMar, Inc.
Peshtigo, W.I.






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Side 1 -
Pedestrian Cleat
Side 2 -
Smooth - No Cleat

Side 1 -
Rugged Cleat
Side 2 -
Smooth - No Cleat

Wrigley Field

DuraDeck mats in use at the 200
8 US Women's Open

Plywood cracks under pressure

DuraDeck handles the heaviest weights




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