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Interlocking Plastic Tiles & Modular Floors For Garages, Gyms, Locker Rooms & Wet Areas

Modular Floor Tiles Designed For Game Courts, Showers, Trade Show Displays, Workshops & More

TempoTile is a 12" square modular flooring tile that connects in all directions to create a raised, dry, non-slip, support base for displays, special events and utility use.

Each TempoTile sits on over 900 ribbed support pillars for kinetic impact and shock absorption. These ribs help distribute weight and allow water and other liquids to flow underneath. This feature makes TempoTile interlocking floor tiles ideal for showers, locker rooms and pool areas, as well as over asphalt for displays.

TempoTile connects easily to adjacent tiles using Signature's simple pressure tab and loop fastening system. Add edging and corner pieces as required to finish your floor. Colors may be alternated to create dramatic designs and to match team colors or design themes.

TempoTile Features:

  • Durable maintenance free design
  • Easy to use connection system
  • Multiple interchangeable styles
  • Water flows underneath

TempoTile is available in 14 colors:

Red Orange Yellow Green
Light Blue Dark Blue Burgundy Beige
Brown Silver Black White
Grey Dark Grey    


Use one version of TempoTile interlocking plastic tile or combine versions for greater versatility and customization. All TempoTile versions are interchangeable and may be used with one another.


Choose the TempoTiles best suited for your needs:

  • TT1 - Drainage Tile
  • TT2 - Solid Surface Tile
  • TT5 - Diamond Plate Traction Tile

7-Loop Connection System makes installation a snap!

Unique surface design allows for drainage

TT2 can be customized to create a vibrant floor


TempoTile1 (TT1) Drainage Tiles

TempoTile1 is our most versatile version. Each tile incorporates hundreds of hexagonal drainage holes, surrounded by small anti-slip textured ridges, which provide additional traction when wet. Rain and water flow through the top surface and underneath the floor, making TT1 suitable for garages, showers, locker rooms, pool areas and utility applications.

TempoTile2 (TT2) Solid Surface Tiles

TempoTile 2 is identical to TT1 except it does not have surface drainage holes. This makes TT2 ideal for game courts, trade show displays and other applications where a uniform, smooth surface is required. Striping and lining are available for game courts as well as foam underlayment for sound dampening properties.

TempoTile5 (TT5) Diamond Plate Tiles

TempoTile 5 is identical to TT2 except it features an attractive diamond tread pattern for added traction. This interlocking modular tile is ideal for walkways, trade show displays, garages, laundry areas, workshops, and anywhere an anti-fatigue dirt and slip-resistant floor is required.


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