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Interlocking & Rolled Rubber Flooring

RubberDeck is the ideal solution for areas where temporary or permanent cushioned support is needed.

RubberDeck tiles and mats are available in 7 colors:

Black Blue Flec Gray Flec Yellow Flec
Green Flec Red Flec Blue & Gray Flec  


Choose the RubberDeck best suited for your needs:

  • RK1 - Interlocking tiles are an ideal solution for areas where temporary seamless cushioned flooring is required.
  • RK2 - Roll-Out mats offer superior durability for permanent interior and exterior applications that require resilience, sound absorptions, spike resistance, and traction.


RubberDeck1 (RK1) Interlocking Tiles

These heavy-duty 24" x 24" x 0.375" tiles are fabricated from 100% recycled rubber tiles and offer superior underfoot comfort and resilience to cushion the shock from running, exercising, walking, and standing.

RubberDeck1 Interlocking Tiles are ideal for:

  • Weight Rooms
  • Ice Rinks
  • Golf Courses
  • In-line Skating
  • Ski Lodges
  • Boat Docks
  • Runways & Pathways
  • Spike Protection
  • Locker Rooms
  • Cardio Decks
  • Changing Areas
  • Golf Courses & Lounges
  • Ice Rink Blade Protection
  • Steps, Patios, & Decks
  • Multi-Purpose Areas
  • Walkways

Small Zipper-Like Tabs
RubberDeck Interlocking tiles will not pull apart and tear when tabs are stressed or pulled. The RubberDeck Interlocking tabs feature a small, zipper-like design that is engineered to prevent the problem of pulling apart and tearing. RubberDeck Interlocking flooring will stay where you put it and will handle the torque and stresses of heavy use.

Seamless Floor
RubberDeck Interlocking tiles are precision cut to provide a perfect connection. The result: a smooth, seamless floor. Because the tiles are cut using state-of-the-art cutting technology (used in the aerospace industry), the connection points are not weakened by inferior cutting techniques, thus providing a strong and durable flooring solution.

Use RubberDeck Interlocking tiles for fitness floors.

Precision cutting and zipper-like interlocking tabs combine to create a seamless floor.

RubberDeck2 (RK2) Roll-Out Mats

These roll-out mats are ideal for any kind of facility that is looking for a durable, non-skid, soundproof and cushioned floor in heavy traffic areas and corridors. RK2 is available in several roll sizes and thicknesses.

RubberDeck2 Roll-Out Mats are ideal for:

  • Commercial Flooring
  • Assembly Lines
  • Heavy Traffic Areas
  • Sub-floor Protection
  • Libraries & Bookstores
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Handicap Accessways
  • Educational Buildings
  • Runways & Walkways
  • Ski Lodges & Fitness Centers
  • Horse & Livestock Trailers
  • Retirement & Day Care Centers
  • Soundproofing
  • Corridors
  • Healthcare
  • Basements

Durable & Attractive
RubberDeck Roll-Out Mats are made of recycled rubber tires mixed with a specially-formulated high strength binder (similar to those used in running tracks) to create an extremely durable mat that is long lasting under heavy stress. To install, simply secure RK2 with carpet tape or glue for a semi-permanent or permanent flooring solution. RK2 is available in solid black or with a range of colored-accent flecs.

Shock & Sound Absorbing
RK2 can be used both indoor and outdoor and features resilient, shock and sound absorption qualities. It also provides excellent traction and is anti-skid. RK2 is fabricated from thousands of tiny rubber granules, which offer superior underfoot, comfort and cushion from shock.

RubberDeck Roll-Out mats also serve as an effective buffer against acoustical vibration.

Simple To Maintain
RK2 is simple to clean. For indoor cleaning, a broom, damp sponge mop or vacuum cleaner can be used. For outdoor cleaning, a water hose, leaf blower or broom can be used.




RK2 roll-out mats are anti-fatigue, shock and sound absorbent.

RK2 roll-out mats are heavy-duty and easy to maintain.

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