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Field Covers & Sideline Covers
Field Covers for Baseball, Softball, and Little League Fields

Protect your valuable field when not being used for games with the SuperCover line of Field Covers.

Harsh weather conditions (rain, snow, wind and ice) and pedestrian wear-and-tear during non-sporting events such as concerts or festivals can cause costly damage to your turf. SuperCover Field Covers are a specially-designed tarp that will protect your grass, keeping your field game-ready.

Field Covers are specially-designed, waterproof tarps that will cover and protect standard-size baseball, softball and little league infields. Rugged polyethylene/PVC fabric is rip-resistant and a silverpoly coating keeps ground cool and prevents turf burnout during high heat conditions. Brass grommets prevent rust and are spaced every 3-4 feet to allow for secure tying and staking. Extra-strong seams and hems protect edges from wear-and-tear. Field Covers are UV-protected so they don’t crack or fade from extreme summer heat and a special formulation in the material keeps the tarp supple during the coldest winters.

Field Covers are available for standard baseball, softball and little leaque infields. Standard color is silver/white - custom colors and logos are available. Made of a woven polyethylene for a strong, rip-resistant cover, SuperCover Field Covers are designed for long-lasting durable protection.

SuperCover Field Cover Features:

  • Rip-resistant fabric - woven polyethylene and PVC fabric prevents rips and small rips from expanding
  • Extra-strong seams - seams are heat-welded for durability and complete waterproof protection
  • Rot and mildew resistant
  • Long-lasting brass grommets resist rust and damage
  • Handles cold temperatures - special formulation in tarp material keeps the tarp supple through the coldest winters
  • Turf stays cool and green - special silver poly coating keeps ground cool and prevents turf burnout
  • Maximum UV protection - extra wide 1-1/2” and 3-layer hems are sewn with 4-ply polyester thread

SuperCover Field Cover Standard Sizes:

  • Baseball infield: 170' x 170'
  • Baseball infield: 160' x 160'
  • Softball infield: 120' x 120'
  • Little League infield: 90' x 90'
  • Custom sizes available

SuperCover™ Field Cover Accessories:

  • Sandbags
    • Polypro: 14" x 25"
    • Vinyl: 9" x 20"
  • Heavy-duty stakes
  • Rollers for infield covers:
    • 28" diameter
    • 36" diameter
  • Storage Covers for roller / field cover

Protect valuable infield from harsh weather and special-event use with SuperCover field tarps.

SuperCover for Baseball Fields

SuperCover for Little League Fields


Roller for Infield Cover

Roller for Infield Cover

Storage Cover

Sideline Covers for Football and Soccer Fields

Protect your valuable turf from damage from players, team personnel and equipment with the SuperCover Sideline Covers. Sideline Covers also keep players and personnel off the mud, snow and ice during harsh weather conditions.

The SuperCover Sideline Covers are fused on the top side for heavy-duty wear. Keep your sidelines from being torn up by player’s cleats and heavy equipment. Sideline Covers will also keep your players and personnel from sinking into muddy turf during harsh weather conditions.

Protect players in dangerous muddy conditions

Customize sideline tarps with team logos and custom lettering

Sideline Cover Standard Sizes:
  • 12' x 50'
  • 12' x 75'
  • 12' x 125'
  • 12' x 150'
  • 14' x 50'
  • 14' x 75'
  • 14' x 100'
  • 14' x 125'
  • 14' x 150'
  • Custom Sizes Available
  • Covers are Available With or Without Grommets


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